It’s no secret that this is a tricky time to be in retail. Big chains like Sears and Lowes are closing up shops left and right, and Amazon’s online sales have increased 20% in the past two years alone, with more predicted growth on the way*. Because you’re business savvy, you undoubtedly already know that offering extended warranties on big-ticket items is a surefire way to increase revenue and brand loyalty. But in a landscape where every decision counts, why would you trust a startup to take charge of your warranty offers?

SO glad you asked...

1. We Know the Right People

Startups are resourceful and put their clients’ interests first. At Mulberry, we back up our brand by partnering with trusted insurers that have been around for decades. By building great working relationships with some of the most established insurers in the business, we make it clear our clients’ confidence is everything to us.

2. We’ve Got the Goods

We’re venture backed by some serious investment players, which means our focus can stay on delivering a strong product, and not on our runway. Major VC’s have put their confidence in Mulberry so that you can feel good about giving us yours.

3. We Know Our Stuff

Our executive and advisory board brings a wealth of experience in e-commerce plugins, startup sales, and insurance to the Mulberry table. And don’t even get us started on our A+ team of developers, engineers, and sales pros on the ground. They’re the best in the business.

4. We Live and Breathe Insurance

Insurance is what we do, all day every day. We have a singular focus here at Mulberry: provide a seamless, extended protection solution for e-commerce brands, increase their revenue, and turn them into extremely satisfied customers.

So why let a tech startup like Mulberry integrate extended protection plans into your e-commerce site? Simple: it’s a digital world. Trust a digital solution.